We believe that everyone regardless of geography, financial situation, stage of life or disability—deserves access to education. To support your goals, our solutions deliver:


Learner Engagement

In the classroom, across campus or via virtual engagement, from enrolment to advancement institutions are delivering the type of connected and engaging technological learning experience, support network, and learning community today's students demand.

Academic Effectiveness

Institutions are designing educational technology ecosystems to meet the specific needs of their learners. It's an initiative that's designed to create more flexibility and efficient engagement for educators and compelling student experiences, together driving improved institutional outcomes. With an open, scalable, and integrated platform that simplifies integration across existing systems, institutions are driving excellence throughout the student's journey.


Education Insight

Institutions are leveraging data that is accessible, relevant and actionable to inform decisions and change behaviours. It's a strategic shift that uses data from all touch points and delivers insights at every level, providing the right information, to the right person, at the right time.


Gladwin E-Learning Digital Content

Our products are designed to improve the learning outcomes and grades of students in their exams. The digital E-Learning platform makes learning an engaging and entertaining experience and help students in focusing on the concepts that they are weak in. Our product, Gladwin learning USB is a futuristic learning solution and a leading provider of diagnostic assessments. The adaptive learning and assessment solution helps students identify their focus areas by providing them a list of concepts, where they did not score well in the Gladwin assessment test. The third segment of our product includes digital content repository of rich-media content across grades K-12, mapped to meet the specific objectives laid out by the central and state boards across the country as per the CBSE / ICSE / NCERT curriculum. In addition to the rich-media content developed by our R&D team.

Gladwin Interactive white board makes learning more innovative and engaging experience our products are major use in:-

Class 1-5

  • English Grammar
  • EVS
  • Maths
  • General Hindi Vyakaran is also available

Class 6-10

  • English Grammar
  • Maths
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Social Science
    (Civics/Geography/History/Economics/Pol. Science)
  • General Hindi Vyakaran is also available.

Class 11-12

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths)
  • Commerce (Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, Maths)
  • Arts (History, Geography, Political Science, Statistics, Maths)
  • English Grammar
  • Computers (As skill development additional Subject)
  • General Hindi Vyakaran is also available.

Smartclass Digital Solutions

School Program

We also provide digital learning module as a part of shared resource service for the schools. Using our Smart School Program a school may use just a single shared resource room for the students to come in and take the class. Maximum students may share this single facility within the schools where resource rooms are a concern.

Offer Of Usage, Resale And Distribution

The School/Institution may continue to use the content without any license requirement, whatsoever as perpetual lease. Initially, the School/Institution shall inherit “license to use only”, once the content is purchased from us. It may continue to use the content for a period of 1year license without any “discontinuation clause” for a period of 5yrs (Five years), after which the content may be used for further resale and distribution by the purchaser at the sole discretion of the School/Institution in the Indian territories only.

  • Easy Installation with Plug and Play Facility
  • Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class
  • It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students
  • Improves academic performance of students
  • Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class
  • It also en

Our Services

Digital Content Localization

In our highly dynamic digital world, you need to reach and engage your customers around the clock. To stay ahead of competitors, you need to deliver instant, high-quality digital content to your international customers to reach all your global markets simultaneously while providing the seamless and holistic experience they expect. Our Existing K-12 content can easily be localized in your regional language

Graphics & Desktop Publishing Services

Our Instructional Designers and Graphic specialists work to retain the original intent of your assets while ensuring that text and graphic elements are culturally appropriate for specific locales. We focus on providing consistent messaging, design, and branding to help improve the global customer experience.

Audio, Video and Multimedia Localization Services

Gladwin Animation and Voice over professionals will help you choose from a range of localization solutions (depending on video format, multimedia types, and other variables) to help you engage global customers and prospects with greater impact. Our specialists are experts with all video and audio formats—as well as HTML5, Flash, and other media files

Custom Development

Gladwin understand that we may not have the content you need based upon the desired curriculum. Though, we offer customized content to provide our ‘state of the art’ learning experience. You can choose according to your needs

  • What you want to teach ?
  • How you want to teach ?
  • What resources are needed ?
  • Define the pace of the content

We specialize in creating:

  • Story Boarding
  • Instructional Design
  • UI design
  • Graphics/Animations
  • Interactivities/Assessments
  • Voice Over’s
  • Translation/Transliteration

HTML-5 Enabled Content

HTML-5 is being used by e-Learning Professionals from all around the globe, thanks to its flexibility and its diverse features. HTML-5 in e-Learning is the wave of the future in the world of e-Learning. Until quite recently Adobe Flash was one of the most popular authoring tools for eLearning courses, thanks to its high level of interactivity, captivating graphics and engaging animations. However, with fewer smartphones and tablets being able to support Flash these days, HTML-5, a mobile-friendly alternative, is becoming the new favorite among e-Learning professionals.

Here are just a few of the most notable HTML-5 benefits that you may want to consider when choosing the e-Learning authoring tool for your next e-Learning deliverable.

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Greater accessibility for learners
  • Ease of customization
  • Multi-browser support. No plug-in is required
  • No restrictions on multimedia integration
  • HT