GLADWIN 82” IR TOUCH Interactive WhiteBoard Setup

Gladwin Interactive white board makes learning more innovative and engaging experience our products are major use in:-

  • Presentations & Projects display
  • Web Streaming & videos
  • Printing & save notes


GLD / IWB / C82



Purpose of Writing Board


Material of Board

Ceramic Steel

Color of Board


Top Surface coating

0.095 mm

thickness of sheet in mm

Back surface coating

0.03 mm

thickness of sheet (Min.)

Thickness and material of top steel sheet

0.3 mm

having viterousenmaled coating on both sides

% Gloss at 60 deg.

80% for white color only

Head (min.)

Aspect Ratio


Active Area (mm) (W*H)


Overall Size (mm) (W*H*D)


Packing Size (mm)



Infrared sensor technology


4 points or 9 points

Writing Method

Pen, Fingers or any other pointing objects


10 touch points

Communication Port

USB 2.0


20 Hotkeys on each side of board

Outer Frame

Natural Aluminium alloy Section

Surface Material

Anti- glare, can use Whiteboard Marker, High Strength

Inner material of sandwich

Wooden 9 mm sheets

Back side material

GI sheets



Positioning Accuracy


Components of Smart Class Setup

Fully- functioning interactive whiteboards usually compromise ninecomponents:-

  • Infrared Touch Interactive white board 82"
  • All in one MS PC console
  • BenQ Long throw or BenQ Short Throw Projector
  • Interactive IR Touch Software
  • Green Board
  • Projector Kit / Cables
  • 1 KVA UPS
  • VGA cable / other electrical wirings
  • Digital Smart class e-content

How It Works

The computer is connected to the projector and whiteboard via VGA Cable. The Projector reflects rays on the IWB surface and it displays the computer screen image onto the IWB surface. The actionsmade with help of a dummy Pen or by a Finger touch on the surface of the display panel is communicated with computer over a cable and interpreted via the installed software.

Features of IWB Software

  • It can respond to multiple touch at a single time i.e many people can work all together at a same time.
  • A variety of Pens are there for various kind of writing i.e, Pencil, Brush Pen, Intelligent Pen etc.
  • There is a lots of features like Science Laboratory Instruments i.e, Beakers, Funnels, Bunsen Burners in the installed software in order make the study easy and entertaining.
  • We can have the different pages at a single touch for eg. Hindi double lining pages, English pages, Maths pages, Graphs etc.
  • We can save the lectured/ written pages in our IWB software memory for future notes and understanding.
  • There is a lots of mathematical tools/ aids like Compass, Graphs, mathematical shapes etc.
  • We can change the color of the Board from white to green/ black or multiple colors etc with a single touch and the color of Pen can be changed too as required.

General Features

Finger Touch

Accurate Positioning

Scratch Proof

Fire Proof

Rugged ceramic steel surface

Low Maintenance

Low gloss avoids strain to eyes

Seamless design

Easy installation

No need of any specialized pen

9 points calibration for higher accuracy

2 Years Warranty