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We help you solve your most critical challenges in education to drive student success.

The education landscape is continuously evolving. It’s why we’re focused on providing you the technology, tools and support to transform to meet the specific needs of your students. We are your partner in change working alongside with you to enable success for your institution or organization with innovative technologies and services.


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Since the foundation of the company, we have been striving for customer satisfaction in each and every area.

4K UHD Resolution

Stunning 4K UHD resolution makes for beautiful viewing

Android 11.0

The fastest operating system available for an Interactive Flat Panel Display in the Technological Market

Casting & Multi-Casting

Cast your Student’s Screens from Chrome book, Laptops or PCs to the LED

Linux-based OS

Built for maximum security with a Linux-based OSD and an on-board OPS PC slot.

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